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Water pump bearing F-232542 FC66624 A-3387  8-201-3
Water pump bearing F-232542 FC66624 A-3387 8-201-3
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  • Water pump bearing
  • 12 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 0.0001 KG/pc

The above is for reference only, and the actual parameters are subject to material.

Water pump bearing
Introduction of water pump bearings:

Water pump bearings are widely used in automobile water pump, textile machinery, aviation field and so on. This type of bearing has the feature of good rigidity, good rotation performance, simple structure, ease for installment and uninstall. Water pump bearing is non-standard bearing. Under the same technical condition of rated loading, water pump bearing’s radial dimension is usually smaller than those of general types of bearings.

To satisfy your demands, we provide wide range of high quality water pump bearings in various brands.

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Pictures of automobile bearings:

Bearing No. d (mm) D (mm) B (mm)
WR2040105D2 20 40 105
WR1938134D 19 38.1 134.2
WR1835101D2 18 35 101
WR1630139 15.918 30 139
WR1630119 15.918 30 119
WR1630116 15.918 30 115.85
WR1630091 15.918 30 103.12
WIR193891 18.96 38 89
WIR1938188 18.96 38 188.47
WIR1938175A 18.96 38 174.75
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2. We can manufacture bearings according to customer's drawings;
3. Other customized services;

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