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Non-standard bearing 359/354
Non-standard bearing 359/354
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  • 46.038 mm
  • 85 mm
  • 46.99 mm
  • 49 KG/pc

The above is for reference only, and the actual parameters are subject to material.

Other Bearing
We provide the following list of bearings to satisfy your different demands:
1. Metric size Y-bearing for extreme temperature; 19. Ball screw support units
2. Inch size Y-bearing for extreme temperature; 20. Ball screw support bearing
3. Single row deep groove ball bearing for extreme temperature 21. Precision ball screw support bearing
4. CARB toroidal roller bearing with adapter sleeve 22. Sealed ball screw support bearing
5. CARB toroidal roller bearing with withdrawal sleeve 23. Sensor-carrying bearing
6. CARB toroidal roller bearing 24. Pressed bearing
7. Sealed CARB toroidal roller bearing 25. Full complement pressed bearing
8. Duplex bearings arranged in tandem arrangement 26. Guide wheel bearing
9. Back-to-back duplex bearing 27. Guide roller bearing
10. Face-to-face duplex bearing 28. One-way bearing
11. Combined angular contact ball bearing 29. Axial thrust bearing
12. Combined bearing 30. Rolling mill bearing
13. Pulley bearing 31. Eccentric idler bearing
14. INSOCOAT deep groove ball bearing 32. Spherical surface bearing
15. Non-standard bearing 33. Thrust/Radial bearing
16. Special bearing 34. Flanged bearing
17. Split bearing 35. Inch size rolling bearing units
18. Ball screw bearing
For bearing not listed above, please contact us for more information. Thanks!

Picture of bearings:


1. We supply wide range of bearing brands and offer buyer labels typing service;
2. We can manufacture bearings according to customer's drawings;
3. Other customized services;

Please contact us for more information. Thanks!
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