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How to control suppliers?

How TBB manage supplier resource?

Based on our rich experience of 15 years in Chinese bearing industry, we established TBB supplier management system and constantly keep improving it.

3 core abilities of TBB Supplier Management System:

Professional staff, experienced engineer: TBB has its technical and QC engineer team with more than 45 years’ experience in bearing industry. Except for this, TBB members are to be bearing experts thanks to continuous periodical staff training course. TBB has full ability for supplier audits.

Mature supplier audit mechanism: TBB have set up the strict flow mechanism for supplier management since its foundation. Except for necessary documentation, sample test by TBB laboratory and 3rd party bearing test center, on-the-spot factory audit by TBB’s engineer team are required before starting small order. All TBB official suppliers are asked to follow season/ yearly evaluation, and comprehensive random order sample inspection by 3rd party bearing test center.

Focus on WHOLE production process: Different from others, TBB manage quality control from origin, on generally consideration on the whole production process. In this way TBB ensure the stability of product quality, and tracking and traceability possibility of every complaint.





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